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Established in 2001 as an initiative of UA’s President, GINA promotes collaboration at the local, state, and federal levels by increasing community-wide participation in the discovery and use of geospatial data. GINA’s products and services greatly expand the range of available analysis capabilities in order to better address research and management requirements.

Photos from the early morning ACUASI team setup in preparation...
Posted 12 days ago
Mission Manager for the UTM tests

Remote field station setup with ground control stations and UTM clients

Photos from the early morning ACUASI team setup in preparation of the UTM systems test with NASA and other UAV test centers.

UAF ACUASI is Alaska’s Alaska Center for Unmanned Aircraft Systems Integration and is a FAA test site for UAV systems.  

The UAF ACUASI team, with support from GINA, is part of a project NASA to test a next generation air space management tool: UTM.  UTM is Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Traffic Management.  UTM’s goal is to enable civilian low-altitude airspace and unmanned aircraft system operations.

Today the ACUASI team is working with NASA and other test sights across the US to take part in a test of the UTM system that includes concurrent, multiple UAVs, at multiple sites all being managed and flown at the same time. This meant the ACAUSI team had to get up very early and get systems setup and running so they could start at the same time as their East Coast test partners.

The first test flight were a success.  Here is the break down of how it all came together:

5:35am Team caravan up to Poker Flats Test Range

6:08am Setup the UTM command central in the Lidar Building, as it has strongest comms link on the range

6:15am Pilots setting up Ptarmigan hexacopter (and spare) and the responder for flights

6:29am Team dialing into NASA national campaign to report on site weather and flight conditions

6:42am Reviewing the minute by minute flight plan of the day with Northern Embedded Solutions’ Corey Upton

7:51am ACUASI’s Greg Foscue helps pilot Matt Westhoff test the flight instrument on the Responder in preparation to fly

7:55am POC Corey Upton calls for Responder and Ptarmagin at high grounds to arm

8:01am Responder takes off

8:10am Ptarmigan takes off after a slight technical delay

8:13am All four AK flights in the air and showing in Simulyze’s Mission Insight software

8:19am NASA Control reports 21 simultaneous flights nationwide

8:22am All Alaska flights land for test flight #1 of the day - Success


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