Gtopo, DEM, Bathymetry


Global Topo/Bathymetry Grid

Gridded data of the topography and bathymetry of the Earth’s surface has become widely available online thanks to the efforts of multiple research groups. This data is of continually growing importance both for monitoring operations and for scientific research because it is critical in presenting clear, final results to end users.

This data set is large and requires special tools to manipulate. It is compressed using bzip2. Unix and Linux users should go to the bzip2 project page for information. A suggested Windows bzip2 utility is IZArc.

Once uncompressed, the data is in Generic Mapping Tool (GMT) format. This free, open source tool is available from the GMT download page.

Citation: Lindquist, K. G., K. Engle, D. Stahlke, and E. Price (2004), Global Topography and Bathymetry Grid Improves Research Efforts, Eos Trans. AGU, 85(19), 186.
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North East

North East GMT File bzipped

North West

North West GMT File bzipped

North FarEast

North FarEast GMT File bzipped

North FarWest

North FarWest GMT File bzipped

South East

South East GMT File bzipped

South West

South West GMT File bzipped

South farEast

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South farWest

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Digital Elevation Models

GINA provides DEMs in several ways. DEMs can be downloaded using the SDMI Browse site, or they can be accessed using our Web Coverage Services(WCS) . A listing of the data available via WCS can be found here and instructions on how to use the WCS in desktop GIS can be found here.