Orthoimagery is an aerial image geometrically corrected so that the scale is uniform, giving the image the same lack of distortion as a map.

GINA has a large archive of Orthoimagery from a wide variety of sources. Users can view and download scenes from the archive through the Statewide Digital Mapping Initiative’s (SDMI) Browse Site or by using the SwathViewer .

GINA’s Best Data Layer is a collection of Aerial and Satellite based orthoimagery provided as a Web Mapping Service for desktop GIS clients like ESRI’s ArcMap or Quantum GIS . Details on how to use the BDL WMS can be found here.

The Best Data Layer is also available as a tile service for use in various web mapping frameworks. Information on how to use the tile services can be found in the support document website.

Information on SDMI’s collection of Spot 5 data can be found here.