Spot 5


Spot 5, launched in 2002, is the fifth satellite in the Satellite Pour l’Observation de la Terre program. Spot 5 has a 2.5m panchromatic band and four 10m multi-spectral bands.

GINA has a large SPOT 5 archive for Alaska users through the Statewide Digital Mapping Initative’s statewide ortho project. SDMI is using the SPOT5 satellite as the source data for the statewide ortho mosaic program. The level 1A source imagery is useful for expert researchers needing to do spectral analysis of the raw satellite imagery. Authorized users can download this dataset from the AlaskaMapped browse.

Users interested in SPOT5 data for research in the lower 48 should check out the USGS SPOT program.

About SPOT 5
Satellite Pour l’Observation de la Terre is an earth-observing satellite program run by the space agency of France. The optical imaging instruments on board the SPOT satellites provide very high-resolution images of the earth. These close-up images are detailed enough to see individual roads, driveways, and landscape features.