Alaska Energy Data Inventory


Alaska Energy Data InventoryThe Alaska Energy Data Inventory (AEDI) project inventories and compiles available Alaska energy resource data suitable for electrical power generation and space heating. In 2009 the Geographic Information Network of Alaska began working with the Alaska Energy Authority (AEA) on the Alaska Energy Data Inventory (AEDI) project. The initial scope was to provide a hosting environment for the AEA-developed website

Later, as AEA continued to grow the project, the GINA role expanded beyond provision of a hosting environment into providing a content management system (CMS) to better maintain and continue to improve the AEDI website. GINA developed, maintained, and customized the content management system and began to provide additional support, including hosting the data and creating custom tools to search and discover the data archived in the AEDI. The akenergyinventory website now hosts a searchable collection of AEDI publications archive, Google Earth KML layer energy layers, and other geospatial datasets.

Renewable Energy Atlas of Alaska 

The Renewable Energy Atlas of Alaska (REAA) is a guide to Alaska's clean, local and inexhaustible energy resources.  This atlas was produced as a print publication.  

In 2011 GINA worked with the AEDI to deploy the offset-printed 2011 Renewable Energy Atlas of Alaska (REAA) as an interactive web map. GINA organized the Atlas data for download by desktop GIS users (e.g. ArcMap or QGIS users). GINA also created web services interfaces to the Atlas data which allow simple, convenient use of the Atlas data by desktop GIS users and enables other web map developers to rapidly deploy the data in custom web maps. GINA then created a set of 2011 Renewable Energy Atlas of Alaska maps in the ArcGIS Online platform.