Alaska Mapped


Alaska Mapped is the state’s main source for current and historical aerial images. The site provides free and public access to three main types of images:

  1. Small scale, detailed images. For example, an aerial picture of airplanes parked at the Ted Stevens International Airport in Anchorage.
  2. Digital Elevation Models (DEM). For example, a topographic map (showing elevation changes in the land in three dimensions) of downtown Fairbanks.
  3. Historical archive of images. For example, a 1948 image of a glacier outside of Juneau. Alaska Mapped archives over 60 years of Alaska images.

GINA and the Statewide Digital Mapping Initiative (SDMI) collect the data for Alaska Mapped images. SDMI is a cooperative state program that includes federal, state, industrial, and non-profit partners. GINA is also acting as the states lead for the SDMI statewide ortho, using SPOT5 as a data source. The SDMI IFSAR DEM program’s dataset will be made available through the AlaskaMapped archive and services.

AlaskaMapped Archive

The AlaskaMapped archive is made available for search and discovery through the web application. This web site allows users to zoom to their area of interest and discover what datasets are available. The focus of the archive is on high resolution imagery and high resolution elevation datasets.

Best Data Layer Images

GINA takes many of the datasets integrated into the AlaskaMapped archive and turns them into services and web service feeds. One of the most popular and widely known is the Best Data Layer, a best available imagery layer made from the AlaskaMapped archive. Check out the alaskamapped BDL page for details of how best to use or integrate this valuable Alaskan dataset into your desktop GIS, server, and web application environments.