Ecological Mapping and Field Site Photography


This project revised and completed ecological mapping of northern Alaska.  Interpretation by Alaska Ecoscience includes:

  • Ecoregions 
  • Ecological Sections 
  • Ecological Subsection
  • Physiograhy 
  • Generalized Geology
  • Ecological Landscapes

This work builds on prior efforts undertaken by the National Park Service, The Nature Conservancy and industry providing a consistent interpretation throughout the North Slope region.  In addition field site photography (ground and helicopter based) were compiled for over 14,000 locations on the North Slope.

Products have been updated (Nov 2014) to include interpreted permafrost themes.  This product is available online and can also be downloaded as GIS shapefiles or geodatabase together with the final report which provides a summary of methods and results.  Additional documentation describing detailing ecological mapping can be found in a separate final report  that can be downloaded separately. 

Ecological mapping provides an important tool for ecosystem evaluation. Potential uses of this mapping could include stratification for scientific sampling, land cover mapping, integrated analysis such as modeling and also the development of land management zones.  

Field site photographs were compiled from North Slope land cover mapping efforts that were conducted during the period 1994-2011.  The photos are available in an online web based mapping tool.  This web tool displays photo locations over orthoimagery as well as the interpreted ecological landscapes. A user can click on a photo location or ecological landscape unit and a popup window will provide the appropriate photos and descriptions.

This project was funded by the Arctic Landscape Conservation Cooperative (ALCC) with additional support provided by the North Slope Science Iniative (NSSI).