Over the years GINA has built up custom tools we use to handle geospatial data.

Dan's GDAL scripts

A collection of geospatial data handling tools built ontop of the GDAL library by Dan Stahlke.  They now live over at  The tools included are:

  • gdal_contrast_stretch - Contrast stretch and conversion from 8,16-bit or floating point to 8-bit
  • gdal_dem2rgb - Generate hillshaded images from DEMs
  • gdal_get_projected_bounds - Project a polygon and return its bounding rectangle
  • gdal_landsat_pansharp - Pansharpening - works best for Landsat 7 images
  • gdal_list_corners - Prints raster geocode information in YAML format (similar to gdalinfo but gives YAML)
  • gdal_merge_simple - Merge individual bands into a single GeoTIFF image (8-bit only)
  • gdal_merge_vrt - Merge individual bands into a single VRT image
  • gdal_raw2geotiff - Convert raw binary files into GeoTIFFs
  • gdal_trace_outline - Trace the outline of an image and generate WKT or Shapefile (options exist for cleaning up raggedy edges, can also do feature classification)
  • gdal_wkt_to_mask - Generate a bitmap of the area covered by a polygon