Photo from Alaska ShoreZone Project.

The Alaska ShoreZone Project is taking an inventory of the biology and geology of Alaska’s immense coastline by making millions of photographs, video, and digital data of the Alaska coast — all geo-referenced — available to the public online.

During a shorezone survey, more than 20 partners collect video and high resolution digital photographs of the Alaska shoreline from helicopter. The images are oblique, high resolution digital images of the shoreline of Alaska. The video extracts are frames pulled from the video of the shoreline.

GINA’s Role
GINA manages the ShoreZone images online, providing the primary mirror of photographs and video extracts. These images and videos are made available for the official ShoreZone mapping applications and for integration into local applications. All of the imagery and frame extractions are public domain.

NOAA’s Alaska ShoreZone Coastal Mapping and Imagery
NOAA maintains the Alaska ShoreZone Coastal Mapping and Imagery site, where many project products can be accessed. From here, the ShoreZone imagery geodatabase provides the geocoding information for the images.

The Alaska ShoreZone Project received the 2009 Coastal America Spirit Award from the Department of the Interior.