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A Satellite Direct Broadcast Facility at the University of Alaska Fairbanks

Near real-time weather monitoring for Alaska and its adjacent oceans

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Fire Point Mapping in Alaska:

This video shows a timelapse of the fire heat points detected by GINA over the course of the 2023 Alaska Fire Season from May 15 2023 to present. Recent fire points are displayed as bright red and fade to brown after a few days. Fire points frequently appearing in the same location indicate an actively burning wildfire. This product doesn’t detect points that are under cloud cover or thick smoke. This product is used by the Alaska Fire Service for detecting active fires on the Alaska Wildland Fire Information Map.


Heat Point Mapping: Using Satellites to Track Wildland Fire

By Grace Veenstra This article can also be found in UAF’s Aurora magazine in the Fall 2022 issue, and in the IAWF’s Wildfire magazine in …

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DayLandCloud with Snowfall and Rainfall Overlay

This image from July 13th 2023 shows a DayLandCloud RGB overlaid with with a new Snow Fall Rate product to show snow fall over the …

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since 2001

About GINA

Established in 2001 as an initiative of UA’s President, the Geographic Information Network of Alaska (GINA) focuses on remote sensing and geographic information systems activities for Alaska and its surrounding oceans.

GINA collaborates with federal, state, and academic partners to serve this data through public portals. An inventory of satellite images over the state of Alaska is available online and these images can be freely downloaded.