VIIRS Active Fire Detection Algorithm

Training module developed by Carl Dierking, Jen Delamere and Jay Cable, 2022


UAF GI Science For Alaska Lecture Series, March 9, 2021

"Wildland Fire Monitoring in Alaska: JPSS Direct Broadcast Contributions" with Jen Delamere

AMS 2021 Video Presentation

"Satellite Precipitation Monitoring to Fill Radar Voids in Alaska" with Carl Dierking

AMS 2021 Video Presentation


"Proving Ground Activities: A Direct Broadcast Partnership at the Geographic Information Network of Alaska" with Jen Delamere

AGU 2020 Video Presentation

"VIIRS Direct Broadcast Advances for Improved Wildland Fire Monitoring in Alaska" with Pete Hickman

AGU 2020 Video Presentation


"Satellite Fire & Smoke Products" with Carl Dierking

AGU 2019 Flash Talk