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Satellite Direct Broadcasting Facility

Near real-time weather monitoring for Alaska and its adjacent oceans

Bering Sea Storm
Image Showcase
Bering Sea Storm This satellite imagery composite at 1900 UTC 20 Nov 2020 shows the clouds and precipitation associated with a mature storm in the
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Satellite Imagery and Sea Spray
Satellite Imagery and Sea Spray There were very strong northerly winds occurring in southeast Alaska today producing lots of sea spray which visible satellite imagery
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VAWS: NWS Alaska Sea Ice Program Operations
VAWS: NWS Alaska Sea Ice Program Operations TUESDAY, 11/24/2020: The Alaska Sea Ice Program’s Mary-Beth Schreck will present an overview of this unique program within
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since 2001

About GINA

Established in 2001 as an initiative of UA’s President, the Geographic Information Network of Alaska (GINA) focuses on remote sensing and geographic information systems activities for Alaska and its surrounding oceans.

GINA collaborates with federal, state, and academic partners to serve this data through public portals. An inventory of satellite images over the state of Alaska is available online and these images can be freely downloaded.